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Halloween Art and Travel

Aug 13, 2022

Dorann Nelson is a lifelong creative who found her artistic groove fashioning Halloween figures in the Appalachian Mountains. Her art took a backburner while she raised her family and worked as an interior designer/architect for the Department of Defense. Dorann worked on everything from designing a general’s office to expanding an aircraft hangar. She only had time to do art in the wee hours of the night, hence the name of her business, Moonlight Artistry. 

After years of career relocations, Dorann and her husband settled in the Asheville area of North Carolina. Dorann designed and built her dream studio and got to work creating mixed media. She started out in Christmas, but found Halloween is her true calling. She describes her version of Halloween as quirky, mysterious, and whimsical.  

She cofounded a figurative artist group, GoFigure Guild, which has become her creative tribe. GoFigure pushes each member to continuously grow their skills. Their desire to educate and delight is evident in their exhibits at the library and show-and-tell sessions with kids.  

Dorann is enamored with using unique materials such as: old wigs from Goodwill, rotten picket fences, and paper towels. She sees faces in trees and scepters in roots. Her daughters tease her that’s she’s a Druid.  

Dorann was one of the producers of the Spirits of Autumn art show. The show was paused because of the pandemic, but Dorann hopes it can return someday. While it’s difficult to produce a show and make work for it, Dorann admits she works best under stress. Dorann ended the interview by encouraging ALL of us to not be afraid to succeed.  

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Some of the things Dorann mentioned during the interview: