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Halloween Art and Travel

Aug 30, 2023

Stephanie Hodge’s journey into running an online shopping experience, Holiday Pizzazz, began with the simple desire to help collectors find their dream pieces. She experienced the supply and demand dilemma in collecting and decided to help fill the gap. She is motivated by driving availability of products for collectors and showing artists that their skills and talents are appreciated. Holiday Pizzazz carries artist reproduction pieces for all the popular holidays in the US, including a full selection of Halloween.  

In this episode, Stephanie shares the fascinating processes of how artists get their reproductions to market. She highlights key players including Bethany Lowe, ESC, and Magenta.  

Stephanie has connected with many artists over her years of collecting. From Johanna Parker to David Everett, she’s found artists that put their hearts into their pieces. She deeply understands the importance of positive feedback and appreciation for the artists we collect and love. Show your support for artists by commenting on their posts and reaching out to manufacturers to express interest for the artists they collaborate with.  

This episode includes tips for creating beautiful displays, current trends, and how to protect yourself from copycats in the industry.  

Visit Holiday Pizzazz's website to explore their online shopping experience for holiday home décor: 

Contact these vendors to encourage them to keep bringing us pieces from our favorite artists: