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Halloween Art and Travel

Oct 31, 2020

Artist Joey Marsocci is a story teller who uses the mediums of theme park and haunt design, creature fabrication, illustration, writing, acting, cosplay, and more to tell his stories. He’s passionate about building immersive experiences for those who enjoy his strange worlds.  

Joey knew he wanted to be in arts and entertainment since childhood. He loved watching scary movies like Jaws and figuring out how they were made. Authors like Jules Vern and Mary Shelley put his imagination into overdrive. 

Teaching keeps him evolving as an artist. Art is therapy for him, and he infuses this into his lectures and classes. Students leave his classes with both technical and storytelling skills.  

Joey explained theme parks are stories that you can directly interact with. Studying at CalArts gave him the opportunity to work on revisions to the Disney Haunted Mansion and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction.   

Joey’s favorite haunt is located at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY. It naturally feels creepy, foreboding, and dreadful to him. He’s had his own paranormal experiences there. Everything in the haunt is connected back to author Washington Irving and his time period. Joey is an actor at the haunt and creates custom monsters for it. Joey doesn’t break character when he is acting. He reminds himself that “monsters don’t get sick of being monsters” to keep himself from getting fatigued.  

Joey finished the show by giving us an overview of his latest secret project at the Curioporium.  

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