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Halloween Art and Travel

Jun 12, 2019

Artist Stacey Walsh is a lover of old cemeteries, handmade goods, imperfection, and history – just some of the things that have led her down the path of Halloween artistry. Stacey creates sewing patterns under her Raven’s Haven brand and art dolls as the Goode Wife of Washington County.

Stacey’s father was instrumental in helping her develop as an artist. He taught her techniques and how to evaluate, critique, and grow. As her family moved around during his military career, they were constantly being exposed to new artists and locations. Stacey’s father once modeled for artist Norman Rockwell.

Surprisingly Stacey was graded “D” on some projects in her Home Economics class. As an adult, Stacey was inspired by her friend and business partner, artist Netty Lacroix, to try making sewing patterns. Her business name, Raven’s Haven, comes from her connection to ravens – her spirit animal. Her Goode Wife name harkens back to colonial days.

Stacey loves the stories old cemeteries tell. She incorporates cemetery imagery and Victorian mourning rituals into her work. When she was little, her grandparents lived next to a funeral home. She loved looking at an old Victorian funeral carriage in their garage.  

Recently she created a witch doll she named Mary. Amazingly, she was purchased by a descendant of Mary Easty, a victim of the Salem Witch Trails. Stacey shared two encounters in Salem that may or may have not been from beyond the veil.

Stacey is expressing a more primitive flair in her current work. Each year she challenges herself to grow and get better – one of the things she is working on this year is hats. No matter what, she’ll always be inspired by Victorian mourning, the Puritans, and Salem.

You can find Stacey on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and her blog. She will also be a participating artist at the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween art show.

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