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Halloween Art and Travel

May 30, 2021

Sarah Boyce’s love of the autumn and winter holidays will expand your understanding of the passage of time and seasons. Sarah created Garlands and Gravestones to give her space to celebrate the folklore and magic of the spookiest half of the year. In many ways, holidays celebrate the seasons and serve as markers of time. Sun dials are just one example of a visual for that passage. 

Sarah loves history, especially ancient, medieval, and Renaissance. Who can resist being inspired by an Egyptian mummy? She is enchanted by how people communicate through images. Memento mori and vanitas themes are plentiful in Sarah’s work. Vanitas are still-life paintings that gained popularity during the Renaissance. They serve to remind us of the vanity of life – we need to appreciate beauty because it is ephemeral.  

Sarah enjoys the technical challenge of painting skulls and moons. She can also step back and recognize that they are outright cool looking. She enjoys thinking about duality, like how poisonous plants are beautiful, but harmful if used incorrectly.  

Sarah grew up and earned her undergraduate degree in art while living in Michigan. She attended grad school in Memphis, where she did her thesis on horror art. She now resides in Washington, DC, where she can indulge her love of museums. Regular visits to museums keep her energized.  

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