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Halloween Art and Travel

Oct 21, 2020

Kristen Beason is creating cheeky folk art for Halloween merrymaking. She desires to make the holiday memorable for collectors, friends, and family.  

Kristen traces her fascination with witches back to childhood. She enjoyed dressing up as Witchiepoo from the TV show H. R. Pufnstuf. She constantly drew witches on her handwriting paper in elementary school. She loves the illustrations in the children’s book “A Woggle of Witches” by Adrienne Adams. In it you’ll find long and lanky witches flying around and having feasts.  

Her mother-in-law recognized her talent for art and taught her to paint over 3 decades ago. She also introduced her to gourds, which Kristen still uses in her art today. 

Kristen loves to play in the dirt and garden. At one time she even had a Halloween-themed garden. She recommends the following plants for a creepy look: Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, black pansies, fiber optic grass, and bat faced cuphea. She recommends the book “Wicked Plants” by Amy Stewart.  

Kristen orchestrates an annual family Halloween dinner that we can all take inspiration from. Some of her themes were: Witches Dinner, Harry Potter, Gala in the Graveyard, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Full Moon Feast. The whole family gets in on the preparation, assisting with both the food and decorating.  

Kristen loves the style of Tim Burton. Every year on Halloween, she watches the Nightmare Before Christmas. She will only watch it once a year to keep it special. Kristen encourages all of us to create our own holiday traditions and to save room for dessert.  

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