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Halloween Art and Travel

Aug 31, 2022

Jeannette Leary thinks of her art dolls as “little art treats for grownups who don’t ever want to grow up.” When she started Sugar Bright Studio she pictured a colorful candy store, but instead of candy, one filled with bowls of pocket-sized art dolls.  

After growing up in Ohio, Jeannette and her twin sister moved to Florida and commenced working at Disney. Her role as a backstage tour guide helped her grow her confidence and swept her into the Disney magic. Another favorite job was painting eyes and lips at a mannequin refurbishing shop. 

She has always been interested in art and has tried just about every medium out there. The book “Dollmaking” by E.J. Taylor introduced her to the world of art dolls. Now she is “held hostage by my dollmaking because I love it so much.” She enjoys working in spun cotton and paper clay. Interior design works its way into her work – a color scheme from a beautiful room can become the color palette for a doll. 

Travel obsessed Jeanette is always planning her next trip. One of her favorite adventures was in Vietnam, where they had a firsthand encounter with leeches. She once stayed at a haunted hotel in Virginia City, Neveda, only to come up against arguing humans – no ghosts. She used to make fairy dolls out of vintage travel postcards.  

Jeannette encourages all of us to make our homes “magical places to be” during Halloween season.  


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