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Halloween Art and Travel

Jun 14, 2023

This is Kristen Stafford, your host of the Halloween Art and Travel Podcast. This is where you get the stories behind some of the best Halloween art being created today. I’m excited to share my 2023 season with you – the 5th season of this podcast.  

This season, I’ll be releasing new episodes on the 13th and 30th of each month, from now through October. I’ll also drop additional episodes in-between those two dates, but always on dates that contain the number 3. Subscribe and follow in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss a single one. 

I’ll continue to bring you artists that create in a variety of styles and new mediums. My first two guests are Paul Haigh who creates weird stuff for weird people and David Everett of Chicken Lips. Later in the season, I’ll treat your ears to a miniature artist and a glass blower. I’ll also share with you tips on finding spooky furniture to add to your collections.  

After needing to put it off last season, I’m finally launching my first ever monthly companion newsletter at the end of June. Visit and put your email address in the subscribe box so you don’t miss a single edition.  

Now, go forth and start getting ready for Halloween. Now that we’ve passed Halfoween, it’s just around the corner. I’ll see you back on June 30, to introduce you to artist Paul Haigh.