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Halloween Art and Travel

Oct 30, 2020

Ellen Gee has dedicated her life to Halloween. It manifests in her music and fashion choices, home decorating, and career. Ellen is an artist, publisher, writer, and event planner – all in the theme of Halloween and horror.  

Ellen has embraced goth since childhood. As a child, she identified with the strong female leads in The Addams Family and The Munsters. Lily Munster and Morticia Addams served as fashion muses to her. In middle school she fell in love with Alice Cooper and started dressing like him. She grew up a rebel, just north of Hollywood. She would run away from home and enjoy the wild life. 

Ellen blended her publishing experience and passion for Halloween to create Autumn Brillance (AB), an online magazine dedicated to showcasing beautiful Halloween art. AB focuses on all mediums of Halloween art and spooky stories. Her intention was to do one issue a year, but she’s already decided to add in a Christmas issue.  

Ellen’s art business, Macabre Webs, aims to “delight and disturb” collectors. She uses paint and clay to bring odd and strange characters to life. Pumpkins are some of her favorite things to create. 

Ellen is obsessed with Halloween art shows around the country. Since there wasn’t one in her hometown of Nashville, she got busy and started her own. Monsters and Merriment started with seven vendors and now is up to over thirty. While mostly known for country music, Nashville has a large horror art and rock scene. In addition to Halloween and horror art, the show has live music (such as the Celtic Secret Commonwealth), storytellers, and movies. Ellen is super excited to commence planning for the 2021 show.  

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