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Halloween Art and Travel

Jul 30, 2021

A “Renaissance person” has many skills and areas of knowledge. This is an accurate description of Dennis Hayes – he collects vintage Halloween, creates whimsical art, and produces art shows.  

His business name, Runamuck Studio, is a nod to his love of variety. Today you can find him sculpting with paper clay, building feather trees, and carving scrimshaw. His creative style is bright with strong influences of vintage Halloween. 

His vintage collection includes over 250 paper party hats, some over 100 years old. He is drawn to pre-1960s Halloween, the more dedicate the better. It amazes him that these precious items have survived and he’s honored to be their caretaker. He also collects Day of the Dead – his first piece was a lady with a questionable occupation.  

While living in California, he was a producer of All Hallows Art Fest and Halloween and Vine. When he moved to the Seattle area, there wasn’t a local Halloween art show so he created Hallowbaloo. In this interview, he gives us a sneak peek of the format of this year’s show and his predictions for the future of Halloween shows.  

A Halloween evangelist, he builds support for more Halloween shows, collectors, and artists. Dennis is passionate about discovering new talent, watching collectors enjoy themselves, and the magical moment of artists and collectors connecting. He said with humor, “unless you are dead inside, you’ll want to collect Halloween.” Halloween has no rules – do what you like!  

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