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Halloween Art and Travel

Jun 13, 2021

Becky Kilimnik fell in love with spooky storytelling during her childhood in the mountains of Tennesse. Today, she expresses this passion in her art, design, and podcasting. Listen today to hear her behind-the-scenes experiences of owning an art gallery, upbeat and humorous afterlife art collecting tips, and what it takes to scare someone who tells scary stories for a living. 

Becky owns a graphic design studio in Atlanta, GA. A few years back, Becky, along with family members, owned and operated 2 Rules Fine Art in Marietta, GA. Becky designed the gallery to be welcoming for everyone. In this interview, Becky shares how they selected the artists for their gallery, why some galleries don’t display prices, and how they dealt with the gallery’s ghost. Becky’s advice is to purchase art because it grabs you, not because it matches your décor. She also recommends that fans of Halloween check out surrealist art for inspiration.  

Becky grew up in Eastern Tennesse, where storytelling is part of the culture. Tennesse is full of spooky stories of hell hounds, Big Foot, and tales of jilted lovers. Becky believes the blend of cultures, isolation, and being in tune with nature have melted together to create an environment for the best stories.  

Becky recommended these artists, galleries, and festivals: 

Becky and Diana Doty cohost the personal ghost stories podcast, Homespun Haints. Listen to episode 20 to hear tales of her haunted art gallery. Becky creates original art for each podcast episode. You can find her podcast at