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Halloween Art and Travel

Jul 30, 2023

Shrink down and enter into the fantasy world of Michael Robbin’s Halloween themed miniatures. From humble beginnings collecting Polly Pockets, hear how a retiring artist’s gift becomes the catalyst for his artistic journey. Michael’s passion will inspire and delight you.  

Michael envisions his miniatures living in a friendly, storybook-like world where pumpkins, witches, and other magical creatures reside in harmony. He discusses the importance of facial expressions and storytelling in his work. Michael laughs that he’ll put a face on anything. 

 In this episode you’ll learn tips for starting your own collection, how being on a design challenge TV show impacts his work, the difference between UK and US collectors, where he loves to spend spooky season, and so much more.  

Michael encourages artists to be adventurous and step out of their comfort zones to create something unique and unexpected. 

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